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Pope Francis releases his prayer intention for March, asking for prayers for the martyrs of our day, and recalling a story he was told by a widowed Muslim man who recounted the martyrdom of his Christian wife as she defied terrorists. 

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An Instruction published in 2000 by the then-Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith distinguished between rituals inserted into liturgical ... 

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The coordinator of the "Laudato Si" program of the Philippine Bishops' Conference calls for special marine protection of the "Verde Island Passage" off the ... 

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Commenting on the upcoming referendums on Family and Care, the Irish bishops say that the proposed constitutional amendments diminish the “unique” importance ... 

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The World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations (WUCWO) launches a new series of webinars on "The mission of women in the synodal Church". 

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The Niwano Peace Foundation selects Palestinian-American Professor Mohammed Abu-Nimer as the recipient of the 41st Niwano Peace Prize in recognition of his ... 

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US President Joe Biden says he hopes to have a truce in the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza by next week. 

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-   US President Joe Biden says he hopes to see a truce in the Israel-Gaza war by next week -   Bishops in the Phillipines call for ... 


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