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Ivan Duque, manager of a store walks among the debris after the store was looted in Caracas This manager of a store walks among the debris after the store was looted in Caracas 

Tensions between US and Russia over Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela is deepening with both the US and Russia criticizing each other over the recognition of re-elected President Nicolas Maduro.

By James Blears

The war of words over Venezuela is intensifying. Moscow is condemning Washington for recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela`s Interim President. As a result Caracas has severed diplomatic relations with the United States. Nicolas Maduro who was re-elected last May with the Oppostion boycotting the process, has been inaugurated for a second six years term.

He says the US is trying to topple him with a coup. Russia says this situation is sure to lead to violence and bloodshed. President Donald Trump is describing Maduro`s rule as illegitimate.

The country`s economy is in ruins with inflation running and ruining at almost fifteen hundred percent.

Mexico, Bolovia, Cuba and Turkey as well as Russia are voicing support for Maduro, while France is calling for fresh elections. The situation is critical. President Maduro still retains the support of the Military. This is the key to him holding on to power.

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24 January 2019, 16:55