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Demonstrations in Caracas against Nicolas Maduro Demonstrations in Caracas against Nicolas Maduro  (ANSA)

Pope Francis closely following Venezuela crisis and praying for the people

A statement by the Holy See Press Office Director said the Pope is informed about the volatile situation in Venezuela where the opposition leader has declared himself President during mass protests against Nicolas Maduro.

Responding to the questions of several journalists who are in Panama to cover the 2019 World Youth Day, Alessandro Gisotti,  interim Director of the Holy See Press Office, said Pope Francis is updated regarding the situation in Venezuela.


“In Panama, the Holy Father has been informed of the news coming from Venezuela and is closely following the situation as it evolves. He is praying for the victims and for all the people of Venezuela. The Holy See supports all efforts that help save the population from further suffering” he said.

24 January 2019, 19:02