the site of a rocket strike on the Okhmadyt children's hospital in Kyiv the site of a rocket strike on the Okhmadyt children's hospital in Kyiv  (ANSA)

Russia hits Children's Hospital in Kyiv

Officials say Russia launches dozens of missiles at cities across Ukraine on Monday in an attack that killed at least 29 people and smashed into a children's hospital in Kyiv. The rare daytime Russian barrage came as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was due in Warsaw before he flew to a summit of the NATO military summit in Washington.

By Stefan J. Bos  

Ukrainians in Kyiv were desperately looking for survivors after authorities said Russia hit the children's hospital with a brazen daylight hypersonic missile attack on the Ukrainian capital.

The Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital in the Lukianivska area has blown-out windows, and smoke rises from them.

Inside, glass littered the hospital floors. There were scattered baby cots and droplets of blood.

Children were still thought to be here somewhere. People digging through mounds and medical staff wearing blood-stained scrubs searched for them as black smoke billowed over a gutted building.

The hospital was being evacuated, with patients moved elsewhere in the city.

Parents holding babies have been seen walking in the street outside, dazed and sobbing after the rare daylight aerial attack.

More cities struck

Kyiv was just one city targeted in the early-morning Russian missile salvo that officials say killed dozens of people and injured scores more.

The mayor said it was one of the worst attacks on the Ukrainian capital in more than two years of war.

Five cities were struck: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

Yet Moscow has denied it deliberately targets civilian sites despite mounting evidence suggesting otherwise.

The Russian Defence Ministry said its forces had carried out strikes on defence industry targets and aviation bases in Ukraine. Don't tell that to the parents with wounded babies or mourning those they lost.

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08 July 2024, 16:59