An indigenous woman casts her vote in Ecuador's elections An indigenous woman casts her vote in Ecuador's elections  (AFP or licensors)

Ecuador's presidential election will go to second round

The presidential election in Ecuador is set to proceed to a second round runoff on 15 October, as no outright winner has emerged in round one.

By James Blears

The assassination of Fernando Villavicencio, on 9 August, starkly brought the spotlight onto law and order in Ecuador, and voters' desire for it to clamp down on drug trafficking. 

Effectively quashing crime as well as reviving the faltering economy, which is suffering the effects of inflation, will be the top priorities of whoever wins this ongoing election. 

No one gained or obtained fifty percent of the vote in this first round, or forty percent with a ten point lead.

Listen to the report:

Luisa Gonzalez of the Citizens Revolution Party, who is a protégé of former President Rafael Correa, is leading with thirty-three percent of the vote.

In second place, with twenty-four percent, is David Noboa of the National Democratic Alliance.

The youngest of the eight main candidates, aged 35, is from a major banana producing family business. In third, with sixteen percent, is Christian Zurita of the Build Ecuador Party. He replaces slain Fernando Villavicencio, who was polling in second place, prior to his murder. 

Major security operation

After the violence and the uncertainty following it, authorities were taking no chances.

Tens of thousands of police and troops patrolled the streets, and no major trouble occurred. 

The port city of Guayaquil was rattled by a 5.5-magnitude earthquake on Election Day, but no injuries of significant structural damage indicated. 

Ecuadorians will have to wait almost two more months to vote again to find out who will lead them for two years until the next election.

Whoever wins will complete outgoing President Guillermo Lasso's remaining term.

He set this process in motion when he dissolved the National Assembly in May to avoid impeachment. 

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21 August 2023, 10:08