From left: Martina Zambon, Lorenzo Pasteris, Nicole Laforgia with CUAMM in Ukraine From left: Martina Zambon, Lorenzo Pasteris, Nicole Laforgia with CUAMM in Ukraine 

Doctors with Africa CUAMM offering medical aid in Ukraine

Lorenzo Pasteris, Administrative Director of Doctors with Africa CUAMM in Ukraine, describes the medical services provided to people who have endured trauma due to the ongoing war.

By Agnel Maria

As the war in Ukraine grinds on, an increase in Ukrainian causalities has made it difficult to keep hospitals supplied with medicines to treat wounded civilians and soldiers.

To meet this need, Doctors with Africa CUAMM has taken the initiative to provide those medical supplies to hospitals and humanitarian assistance directly to people injured both physically and mentally by the war.

Lorenzo Pasteris, Administrative Director in Ukraine of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, told Vatican News that, “we are mostly providing medicines and psychological support for internally displaced peoples (IDPs), especially IDPs that are coming from the east of Europe.”

Thirteen out of the twenty-four regional hospitals across the country have received supplies from CUAMM, as part of the organization's humanitarian efforts carried out in collaboration with their local partners Volunteers of Bukovina (VRB) and Caritas, the Church's humanitarian outreach agency.

Humanitarian aid amid trauma

Mr. Pasteris, who is based in Chernivtsi, further acknowledged the difficulty that individuals encounter when understanding the consequences of war and seeking assistance from CUAMM. 

Most people, he said, welcome CUAMM’s efforts to treat people who have suffered mental or physical wounds.

They willingly accept financial aid from both Western sources and within the nation, as it is essential to meet the needs of the injured.

Mr. Pasteris added that his organization aims to offer counseling services and other health services to internally displaced people who are returning to areas liberated by the Ukrainian army.

CUAMM has shipped six tons of basic necessities and medical supplies to Ukraine, consisting of surgical, post-traumatic, and noncommunicable illness treatment kits.

The organization has also provided humanitarian commodities such as tents, blankets, tent warmers, hygiene kits, and water jerry cans.

Doctors working with CUAMM continue to provide medical assistance for people who have been traumatized by the death of family members, friends, or acquaintances, as well as those severely injured by war atrocities.

CUAMM is trying to treat the lives of the affected and providing them with humanitarian aid is all that can be done to ease the sufferings of the people.

"I think the support that we are giving now and in the future are going to provide medicines that are needed for people all around the country," said Mr. Pasteris.

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18 August 2023, 13:15