Israeli security forces investigate the site of a car ramming attack in Tel Aviv Israeli security forces investigate the site of a car ramming attack in Tel Aviv  (ANSA)

Brutal Tel Aviv attack follows Israeli raids on Jenin refugee camp

Seven people have been injured, three seriously, in a car ramming attack in Tel Aviv, as Israel continues its military operation against Palestinian militants in the Jenin refugee camp.

By Nathan Morley

Reports from Tel Aviv suggest seven people were hurt, including a woman who sustained critical injuries.

The attack took place in a well-off neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv.

The assailant - who was shot dead - was identified as a 23-year-old from Hebron area in the West Bank.

Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, praised the attack. In a statement, the group said that it was "a first response to the crimes of the occupation" in Jenin.

Raid on Jenin camp

As of Monday, around 150 armoured vehicles and about 1,000 soldiers enforced a siege on the Jenin camp, a known flashpoint for Israeli-Palestinian violence.

Since the operation began, Israeli troops have killed at least 10 people, whilst countless others have fled their homes due to the violence.

The Israeli army said the operation was to destroy and confiscate weapons.

United Nations aid agencies have voiced alarm at the scale of Israel's military operation in Jenin.

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04 July 2023, 16:50