Numerous inmates dead following a riot in women's prison in Honduras Numerous inmates dead following a riot in women's prison in Honduras 

Women's prison riot in Honduras leaves more than 40 people dead

More than 40 inmates have died following a riot in a women's prison in Honduras, shocking the Latin American nation, which has called a State of Emergency.

By James Blears

A riot in a Honduran women's prison has killed forty one inmates with gangs behind bars being blamed for the mayhem, which has deeply shocked a nation hardened by organized crime violence. 

The riot happened at the Tamara Women's prison, located fifty kilometers northwest of the nation's capital of Tegucigalpa. 

Authorities say that violence flared between two rival inmate gangs, and a blaze in a cell was started. Most of the dead were as a result of the huge resulting blaze, but other inmates were also shot and stabbed with weapons smuggled in. 

Piles of discarded pistols, machetes and knives have been found.  Seven women who were wounded, but survived are being treated in hospital.  One witness claims that the instigators were members of the so-called Barrio 18 gang. 

A State of Emergency has been declared and an investigation is underway. 

President of Honduras, Ximoara Castro, says she is shocked by the monstrous murder of women. She is pledging that drastic action will be taken and there will be severe consequences for the women who have perpetrated these terrible crimes. Distaught relatives of those imprisoned are demanding answers. 

Prison riots are depressingly common in Honduras and throughout Latin America, but in a women's prison, it's very rare, and all the more shocking.  Organized crime often devise, establish and maintain a stranglehold on life behind bars, superseding prison staff, who they either ignore, bribe or terrorize. 

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21 June 2023, 10:00