Sudanese refugees in Chad Sudanese refugees in Chad 

UN: More than 100,000 people have fled Sudan

The United Nations says more than 100,000 people have left Sudan since fighting broke out between rival forces on 15 April.

The figures from the UN are shocking: It is understood that 334,000 people have been displaced within the country and officials are warning of catastrophe if the fighting does not stop.

As of Wednesday, diplomatic efforts to try and get the warring parties to the negotiating table have been intensified.

Truce talks continue

On Tuesday, South Sudan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the army and RSF had agreed "in principle" to a new seven-day truce from 4 May.

UN special envoy to Sudan, Volker Perthes, says the two sides had agreed to negotiate a stable and reliable ceasefire.

Fighting erupted in April between the Sudanese military and paramilitary group the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) as they fought for control of the country - with the capital Khartoum bearing the brunt of the fighting.

Meanwhile, the final British rescue flights are scheduled to take off from Sudan on Wednesday.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said there would be "no further British evacuation flights" from the city.

Some 2,341 people have so far been airlifted to safety on 28 UK flights.

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03 May 2023, 15:27