Aftermath of dissolution of Ecuador's Parliament	Aftermath of dissolution of Ecuador's Parliament   (ANSA)

Ecuador's President dissolves National Assembly

Ecuador's President who has dissolved the country's National Assembly, will rule by decree for six months, until fresh elections brought forward will decide the country's course and future.

By James Blears

Conservative President Guillermo Lasso and the left-wing National Assembly, have been at loggerheads, since he was inaugurated in 2021.

They have accused him of tolerating grand embezzlement and were intent on impeaching him, following a vote. Lasso, a wily political veteran was never going to allow this to happen. So, he played his political trump card and dissolved the turbulent National Assembly.

While simultaneously denying all the accusations by insisting they are politically motivated.  He argues his latest action was necessary to ward off a politically motivated campaign.

Listen to the report:

And it will actually clarify matters, because the Presidential Election and those for the National Assembly will take place in August. So, it will give the people an earlier opportunity to decide. 

The Opposition had turned to Ecuador's Constitutional Court to rule President Lasso's action out of order and overstepping the mark.

But it disappointed them by voting unanimously to reject their challenge, arguing it doesn't have jurisdiction to decide on what actually defines a political crisis. Lasso's supporters insist it's up to his judgement and discretion.

Opposition politicians say it should be the polar opposite, relying on consensus. 

Thus, it's on to August to resume this political sparring, which spares no one and further weakens Ecuador economically and politically.

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19 May 2023, 11:21