Women walk along a street in Khartoum Women walk along a street in Khartoum  (AFP or licensors)

Ceasefire holding in Sudan

Rival factions in Sudan have agreed to a temporary ceasefire, which as of Monday afternoon appears to be holding.

By Nathan Morley

A shaky ceasefire in Sudan appears to be holding, although there have been reports of new shooting and bombardments. This latest ceasefire attempt started at midnight after a three-day truce was agreed between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) following long negotiations.

Since the unrest erupted, residents of the capital have been told to remain indoors. It is now known at least 450 people have died in the conflict so far, though the actual number is thought to be significantly higher.

Foreigners evacuated

In the last few days, countries have rushed to evacuate their diplomats and civilians. Airlifts have moved US, British, Chinese, and EU citizens and evacuation efforts are continuing.

Egypt's foreign ministry confirmed an attaché had been killed in Khartoum by gunfire, but little else about the incident is known.

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a "high risk of biological hazard" after fighters seized a research laboratory believed to be holding samples of diseases, including polio and measles.

It is reported that the United Nations is anticipating over 250,000 people will flee the country into neighbouring South Sudan and Chad.

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25 April 2023, 15:49