A woman walks on the rubble of a collapsed building in southeast Türkiye A woman walks on the rubble of a collapsed building in southeast Türkiye 

Donors pledge to help to rebuild Türkiye and Syria

Donors at a European Union-led conference pledge seven billion euros to help to rebuild Türkiye and Syria after last month’s devastating earthquakes.

By Nathan Morley

Although the donation will be welcome, according to Turkish calculations, the cost of the destruction caused by the earthquake will reach 104 billion dollars.

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) also estimates the total financial burden for Türkiye will be around $103.6 billion.

The tremors on 6 February were the worst natural disaster to strike this region in recent times -- more than 56,000 people killed in Türkiye and Syria.

With so many survivors turned into refugees, the primary goal is to urgently cover such needs as shelter, food, and schooling.

More than one million people were left homeless in Türkiye alone, and aid agencies say over five million people need shelter assistance in Syria. This number comes to a population already suffering mass displacement.

UNICEF says shelter, water sanitation facilities, healthcare including mental health and psychosocial support, protection and continuity of learning remain a priority need.

According to the World Health Organization, about 26 million people have been impacted by the disaster.

Separately, heavy rainfall and storms on 15 March resulted in flooding in Adiyaman and Sanliurfa, exacerbating the situation for vulnerable children and families living in informal settlements.

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21 March 2023, 16:47