A session of the plenary in which Peruvian lawmakers voted for early general elections. A session of the plenary in which Peruvian lawmakers voted for early general elections. 

Peru's Congress recommends bringing elections forward

Peruvian legislator recommend that elections be held in October of this year, but the move is unlikely to placate protestors.

By James Blears

Peru's Congress has recommended that elections be brought forward from 2026 to this coming October, in an attempt to quell ongoing protests. 

Peruvian Legislators didn't approve of a proposal for a new President and a new Congress to be in place by January 1st next year.

Then there was a suggested compromise to move the elections up to this October. It was greeted with little enthusiasm. But embattled current President of Peru Dina Boluarte, who's under intense pressure to resign, warned them that if they didn't agree to this she would press for a total reform of the Constitution.

So, Congress has agreed to the amendment, by the bare minimum of sixty-six votes. It's still well short of the two thirds majority needed for final approval. 

The crisis and the protests, which have killed more than fifty people and injured hundreds, began after then President Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve Congress on December 7th.

It voted to impeach him, arrested him, and he's in prison facing charges of rebellion. Dina Boluarte, who was Vice President, was hurriedly voted into the top job.

But thousands of protesters are demanding her resignation and immediate elections. It's unlikely this latest attempt at a compromise will be enough to stem the unrest, which has reached the capital Lima, where one protester died in clashes over the weekend. 

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31 January 2023, 16:53