Argentina lift the FIFA World Cup Trophy after their victory on Sunday Argentina lift the FIFA World Cup Trophy after their victory on Sunday 

Argentina celebrates after winning soccer World Cup

Argentina—the birthplace of Pope Francis—is celebrating its third soccer World Cup, after winning what was arguably the greatest final in the competition’s 92-year history, overcoming France on penalties.

By James Blears

Three times, Argentina were ahead, looking for all the world to be comfortably coasting.

And yet, three times France fought back with tenacity, from the encroaching spectre of defeat, to equal the scores at 3-3 by full time.

So the World Cup final on Sunday went into extra time, and then, it went to the nail-biting agony of penalties, which Argentina won 4-2.

Yet, they had been made to fight every inch of the way by the reigning champions.

Finally, with an extra spurt of skills, heartfelt intensity, ingenuity, super cool and unbending tenacity, Argentina decisively and magnificently prevailed.

It was a truly herculean, titanic and historic example of the absolutely sublime athletic skill, reaching for the stars by the stars. Nothing great is ever easy!

Fans cheer Argentina's win in Buenos Aires
Fans cheer Argentina's win in Buenos Aires

Jubilant celebrations

At 35 years old, it was Lionel Messi’s final opportunity for FIFA World Cup glory.

He seized it with both feet and accomplished it brilliantly, fulfilling the legend.

He has said : "I knew God would bring this gift to me. You have to fight to reach your dreams."

Argentina’s victory soared the hearts of an entire nation.

Don’t cry for me Argentina…? No, smile with the warmth of the golden sun which adorns the national flag.

This time, it seems, all that sparkles really is gold. Dawn has broken, and the fiestas are still continuing apace!

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18 December 2022, 22:30