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UN demands end to violence in Haiti

The UN Security Council is calling for an immediate end to violence in Haiti and is inflicting punitive sanctions against a notorious street gang leader.

By James Blears

The UN Security Council has unanimously approved this resolution without a single dissenting voice. It demands an immediate end to the violence pervading Haiti.

The Security Council has also imposed a travel ban, arms embargo, and assets freeze on Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier, whose so-called G9 Family and Allies, are blockading the fuel terminal in the Capital Port Au Prince.

Cherizier, who’s a former Police Officer turned rogue operative, is already armed to the teeth. But he is staying put and out of reach, to consolidate his power base and his assets are strictly cash and carry, as a result of strongarm intimidation.

He’s demanding an amnesty for himself and his henchmen, which won’t be granted,  due to his litany of crimes and their catalogue of outrages at his behest.

The UN has also established a committee that can unfold more “Paper Tigers.”

The removal of fuel subsidies last month, resulting in the prices doubling, has caused widespread hunger as basic commodities are now out of most Haitians’ reach.

That event has tipped the economic balance, causing further chaos, and resulting in more misery. 

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22 October 2022, 15:28