Migrants arrive in Panama as they make their way north Migrants arrive in Panama as they make their way north  (ANSA)

US records sharp uptick in migration inflows

The United States says record numbers of migrants have sought to cross the border in the year to September, as economic conditions in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba push would-be migrants into the arms of people smugglers.

By James Blears

This year so far has seen the highest annual exodus into the United States via illegal attempted border crossings.

By the end of September, almost 2.4 million migrants had been stopped by US Border Patrol Agents.

The figure represents a 37 percent uptick from the previous year.

Yet, it still fails to account for the many people who evaded law enforcement to enter the US.

The number of immigrants was exacerbated by people from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, where economic conditions are dire and more people are descending into chronic poverty.

Population shift

The US Government has agreed to temporarily accept just 24,000 Venezuelans, provided they apply online, have a sponsor to financially support them, and fly into airports. Thousands more who are have-nots who are unable to meet these stringent requirements.

Rather, they mistakenly place their faith in people smugglers, who are often working in league with the drug cartels.

The US Customs and Border Protection Agency figures reflect the acute plight which is significantly worsening, month by month.

However, no overall strategy has been tabled to address a hemispheric population shift, which is developing into a full-blown crisis.

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24 October 2022, 10:20