Smoke rises over Lviv amid Russian airstrikes Smoke rises over Lviv amid Russian airstrikes 

G7 nations meet as Russia intensifies strikes on Ukraine

The Group of Seven nations of the world's leading economies is holding a virtual meeting after Russian airstrikes hit Ukrainian cities and infrastructure for a second day. Among the targets was the critical western city of Lviv.

By Stefan J. Bos

Smoke has been rising these days above Lviv. It was here where Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi said Tuesday's Russian bombardments targeted critical infrastructures such as electricity facilities that saw power and water outages.  

The bombardments came as residents were still recovering from Monday's massive Russian strikes. "There were 26 rockets coming here. It was chaotic. So I went to a bunker, and they even showed me the bunker. I was there, and then I went to this bunker," a man said. "It was a unique experience."

Another man agrees. "My morning didn't start with coffee but with the longest air raid ever in this war so far. There were hits, and my frightened cat woke up with big eyes," he recalled.

"So it was not a good morning, not a good day. But we still want to work and to live. Life must go on. So keep going, keep fighting. And hope for a better day tomorrow," the resident added.  

Elsewhere, authorities said the southern city of Zaporizhzhia was shelled again overnight, with at least one dead and buildings damaged.

The nuclear threat

People across the country have been advised to stay in shelters and not to ignore air raid sirens.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said previous strikes were retaliation for Saturday's attack on a critical bridge linking Russia with the occupied Crimea peninsula. And he did not rule out more attacks.

However, there have been growing Western worries that Russia may resort to nuclear weapons following losses on the battlefields.

However, British intelligence sources say there is no sign yet that Moscow is going beyond its nuclear threats.

But with the war escalating by the day, concerns remain over what the future may bring in this armed conflict that claimed the lives of thousands and uprooted millions of people.

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11 October 2022, 17:32