Archive photo of protest march in Quito by indigenous peoples and social organizations Archive photo of protest march in Quito by indigenous peoples and social organizations  (AFP or licensors)

Ecuadorian Church promotes process to tackle historic challenges

A round table of discussions in Ecuador has been squaring up to the challenges the country faces and how to move forward in tackling them. The latest Accord has been signed in conjunction with the Episcopal Conference with the Bishops as guarantors.

By James Blears

Talks have included indigenous communities, the Ecuadorian government, as well as representatives and experts of social groups, with the Catholic Church mediating, and follow the nationwide unrest in June after the imposition of fuel price increases.

That event led to nationwide protests and a State of Emergency being declared. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador and the Government then agreed to dialogue. 

Special meeting

The special meeting and its conclusions highlight various important fundamentals.

It acknowledges responsibility for how the multicultural society functions and that reasoned dialogue is the best way to resolve outstanding issues. 

The parties to the talks also acknowledge that colonialism and elitism must be forever be banished from Ecuador in favour of total inclusion.

The State must be meet and fulfil its constitutional obligations concerning education, welfare, human rights in accordance with the Peace Agreement signed on 30 June, which the Church mediated. 

Church mediation and help of bishops

The latest Accord has been signed by the Bishops' Conference of Ecuador, with the Bishops as guarantors.

The agreement points out that indigenous communities and the government must continue to seek the well-being of the country together.

"When it comes to peace, justice and aspiring to a new country, no one should hide or exclude themselves for fear of losing prestige. We've taken the first step," reads the Accord. "Ecuador needs us to continue working together." 

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20 October 2022, 15:39