Mourners attend the funeral of a Ukrainian servicemen Mourners attend the funeral of a Ukrainian servicemen 

Ukraine: Courage to end the war and great risk of going further

The war in Ukraine appears to have reached at a turning point, as the Kremlin is increasingly cornered and nuclear threats are becoming more real. The options are becoming increasingly narrow: the world can either dare to make peace or choose to worsen the conflict with unimaginable consequences.

By Sergio Centofanti

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was supposed to be a blitzkrieg. Yet, it has wrought death, mourning, and destruction for seven months now.

It was promoted supposedly as a war to liberate the Ukrainian people from a handful of so-called “Nazis”.

Instead, the Kremlin has met a united people who want to remain free and independent, while Russian citizens do not want to go and die in a land that is not theirs and does not want to be conquered.

Many Russian citizens do not want to be cannon fodder for a conflict that makes no sense and while the leaders and the children of the leaders keep well away from the front line.

Their only remaining motivation is to save themselves and escape the forced conscription that has been announced by President Vladimir Putin.

Unexpected resistance

Moscow has miscalculated: it has encountered a brave people who are resisting and receiving international solidarity.

Even the friendly countries it thought were closest are pulling away. Now Russia finds itself increasingly alone because of an absurd war that it begin believing it would win in a short time.

Now Russia should have the courage to end the war soon, without having won it.

It is clear that those who started the conflict are at risk, if they do not bring home a triumph. That is why the situation today is terribly dangerous. Those who are desperate may make desperate gestures. Threats to use nuclear weapons are now made openly.

Courage versus desperation

The distance between courage and desperation is great, but if the brave grow in numbers and unite then history can change.

History teaches that peoples rise up when injustices go beyond the pale. We are at a turning point.

The most difficult problem is that the Kremlin is running out of options at its disposal.

It is a very risky point because the choices come down to two: have the courage to end the war or risk it all by going further, where the threats become reality.

Then the catastrophe would be great. May God protect us.

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24 September 2022, 14:53