#EOF2022: Young Sri Lankan economist in Assisi to adopt Pope's idea of economics

Amongst the young people in Assisi for the Economy of Francesco is Sohan Patrick from Sri Lanka, who expresses his interest and excitement at working on and implementing a new form of economics that will better the world for all of humankind.

By Francesca Merlo - Assisi, Italy

Sohan Patrick has travelled from his hometown of Sri Lanka to participate in the Economy of Francesco. As a young economist he is hoping to be enriched by the experience. 

Sohan notes that much of the economics we have learned until now is based on taking from the earth, producing something and maximising wealth.

The economics that the young people in Assisi have joined to work on is a new kind of economics, one that Pope Francis has invited us to take part in. 

This, he concludes, he hopes to take back home with him to Sri Lanka. 

23 September 2022, 08:44