Samuel Lekado in his indigenous clothing Samuel Lekado in his indigenous clothing 

#EOF2022: A young Maasai man hopes to change the lives of others for the better

Samuel Lekato, a young Maasai man from Kenya, speaks about the motivation he has found at the Economy of Francesco to be empowered as a leader for his Maasai community back home.

By Francesca Merlo - Assisi, Italy

Samuel has also travelled far to attend the Economy of Francesco event taking place in Assisi on 22-24 September: All the way from his Maasai community in Kenya.

He underwent the long journey because he believes “in the culture of interaction”.

Samuel hopes to find other young leaders, all sharing ideas to help each other move in the right direction.

And leadership is precisely the direction Samuel is heading towards. “I see myself as a born leader”, he says, adding that he is here to “expand this boundary.”

Empowered to help others

Samuel goes on to to speak of some of the inspiring people he has met during the three-day event.

So many of the people he has met have titles, he notes. They are writing books, or are accomplished lawyers and economists who are making changes to the world around them.

“That it how I see myself,” stresses Samuel. "They empowered me and raised me up.”

But leadership is not just for one, says Samuel. “I carry the cause of my whole community.”

The Maasai are indigenous people from East Africa, specifically in Kenya and Tanzania.

“When I go back I will try to change some of those systematic things that I have seen here, and in this way my life, and the lives of others will change.”

23 September 2022, 15:12