Anthony Albanese sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia 

Catholic groups congratulate new Australia PM as he is sworn in

As the new Australian Labor prime minister, Anthony Albanese, is sworn into office, Catholic organizations offer their congratulations and urge him to put compassion and justice at the heart of governance.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Catholic organisations in Australia have congratulated the country’s new prime minister, Anthony Albanese, after his Labor party swept to victory in a federal election at the weekend.

Helping the marginalised

They are also urging him to tackle key issues such as the workforce crisis in health and aged care and work to help society’s most disadvantaged and underprivileged.

Hailing the election of the new government, Catholic Social Services Australia said, “With the election of Anthony Albanese as PM, the millions of Australians that understand what it is like to struggle, day in and day out, to put food on the table, to make sure their kids get a good education, to live safely in a house they can call a home now have a national leader with the very same lived experiences.”

Its chair, Francis Sullivan commented, “Prime Minister Albanese comes to the job of leading the country, not down a path signposted by privilege and entitlement but with an understanding and a full appreciation of the opportunities and responsibilities a fair, just and compassionate government can offer all its citizens.”


Meanwhile, Catholic Health Australia is calling on the new Albanese Government to tackle a number of healthcare concerns including, the workforce crisis in health and aged care, reform the health insurance sector and put a greater emphasis on palliative care.

“There is always a long list of pressing issues that confront any incoming government but delivering quality compassionate care to our elderly must be right at the top,” CHA chief executive Pat Garcia said.

A new era

Anthony Albanese was sworn in on Monday, and flew to Tokyo for a summit with US President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, back home, vote counting continued to determine whether he will control a majority in a Parliament.

Speaking before his departure, Albanese said that, on his return on Wednesday, his government will set about implementing its agenda, which includes items such as climate change, affordable child care and strengthening Medicare.

Prime Minister Albanese’s centre-left Labor Party ousted predecessor Scott Morrison’s conservative coalition at Saturday’s election.

Climate change

While Labor hopes it can gain a 76-seat majority in parliament, other parties are demanding action on key issues such as climate change.

The independents, known as the Teals want a more ambitious target than Labor’s promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43% below the 2005 level by the end of the decade.

Greens leader Adam Bandt is also demanding a greater emphasis on climate policy.

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23 May 2022, 13:27