Damage caused by floods and landslides in Brazil Damage caused by floods and landslides in Brazil  (ANSA)

Brazil: Many dead in floods and landslides

Brazilian authorities say at least 19 people have lost their lives and hundreds more have been forced to flee their homes, as widespread damage in battered areas has also blocked roads and highways.

By Vatican News staff writer

Torrential rains in Brazil’s most populous state, Sao Paulo, have caused deadly floods and landslides. The victims include seven children. Scores have been left without homes or have been displaced.

Officials of Sao Paulo state government said the turmoil caused by the bad weather since last Friday has affected cities and municipalities that are home to 467 million people.

Deaths were reported after landslides buries several homes in cities in the interior of the state and in Embu das Artes.

Aid for affected people

The state governor has announced he is releasing 15 million reales – about 2.7 million dollars – to help those most in need.

Heavy rains were reported in the city of Sao Paulo, home to 12 million people, but without major incidents.

Brazil has been badly affected by several major weather-related disasters since the rainy season began in October.

Because of disruptions caused by the rain, the city of Sao Paulo canceled scheduled vaccinations against Covid-19 at a time in which the third wave of the pandemic is causing a surge in infections with over 130,000 new cases reported in the past 24 hours and 330 deaths due to the virus.

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31 January 2022, 15:21