Protestors take to the streets in Khartoum, Sudan Protestors take to the streets in Khartoum, Sudan 

Protestors call for restoration of civilian government in Sudan

Demonstrations took place in cities throughout Sudan on Friday, as protestors called for an end to military rule and the restoration of the civilian government.

By Nathan Morley

Nationwide protests have taken place in Sudan against the military takeover last month.

The past few weeks have been some of the most turbulent in Sudan's history - but this week marks a month since the military coup.

As thousands of people flocked to make their voices heard, protests expanded to many regions despite a compromise that was signed between the head of the army, Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan to reinstate Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok.

Protesters shouted anti-military slogans and criticized the agreement that was signed last week. They demanded  the release of political detainees and an investigation into the killing of protesters.

Reports suggest security forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters in several locations.

General al-Burhan seized power and detained Hamdok on October 25, but after international condemnation and mass protests, he reinstated the prime minister in a deal on Sunday.

Several civilian leaders who were arrested since the coup were released this week but key figures have remained in detention.

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26 November 2021, 16:49