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Venezuela's opposition leader Freddy Guevara speaks during a news conference in Caracas Venezuela's opposition leader Freddy Guevara speaks during a news conference in Caracas 

Venezuela's Opposition ends election boycott

Offering a political olive branch rooted in hopes for a better future, Venezuela`s Opposition confirms it will take part in November`s Regional and municipal Elections, setting aside their boycott for the good of the Country.

By James Blears

The timing of this announcement by Venezuela`s Opposition is apt, because it precedes normalization negotiations, to be held in neutral Mexico City in the coming days. Following the announcement, President Nicolas Maduro did a nationwide broadcast, saying that national sovereignty has finally been restored. He also said that each and every vote in these elections, scheduled for November 21st is a real commitment, advancing towards dialogue, peace and reconciliation.  The Opposition had steadfastly boycotted his re-election in 2018. 

The upcoming talks in Mexico City, seek to end the deadlock/gridlock. Guaranteed free, fair and impartial Elections will be a key part. The Opposition, is also insisting on the presence of national and international Observers during the November Elections, plus compensation for the victims of widespread violence and unrest. 

The Opposition umbrella, known as the Unitary Platform, is led by Juan Guido, who has been recognized as Venezuela`s leader by more than fifty nations. But, President Maduro, who retains the confidence and support of Venezuela`s Armed Forces, remains in power. 

The Opposition stresses that they`ve been motivated, due to the critically worsening plight of Venezuelans, who are suffering chronic shortages of daily necessities. The once oil-rich nation, is today racked by hyperinflation, stoked by imposed economic sanctions, especially and particularly by the United States. So, this latest compromise is being seen as a major political breakthrough. 

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03 September 2021, 16:27