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One of the hardest hit areas devastated by the earthquake in Jeremie, Haiti One of the hardest hit areas devastated by the earthquake in Jeremie, Haiti 

Aid agencies rush to save Haiti earthquake victims

Hundreds are dead and many people are still trapped under the rubble of crumpled buildings, following a 7.2 earthquake which has crushed a swathe of Western Haiti. James Blears reports about yet another disaster to hit the Western Hemisphere`s poorest nation, which last month suffered the loss of its President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated.

By James Blears

The earthquake hit twelve kilometres to the north east of Saint Louis Du Sud, collapsing homes, schools, churches and other buildings. Scores of photos, bear stark and tragic witness to the extent of the devastation. Its tremors and powerful aftershocks were felt 125 kms away in the Capitol Port Au Prince. Haiti's new Prime Minister Ariel Henry has declared a one month of State nationwide emergency. He's said: "We will make all necessary arrangements to assist those affected by the earthquake and we will act swiftly. The priority is to rescue survivors still under the rubble."

US President Joe Biden has said: "I'm saddened by this devastating earthquake."  He confirms he's sending immediate help and assistance, to be channelled through the US International Aid Agency, USAID.

In 2010, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake levelled large parts of Haiti, killing 200,000 people. Haiti's never fully recovered or totally rebuilt from that disaster. 

Haiti is bracing itself for yet further woe, because Tropical Storm Grace is due to hit its shores and make landfall on Monday. It desperately needs deliverance and aid, from the Americas and the World to help its grievously suffering population, who`ve been dealt one collective body blow after another. All available resources have already been mobilized. 

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15 August 2021, 10:41