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German troops return to Wunstorf Air Base following evacuation missions in Kabul German troops return to Wunstorf Air Base following evacuation missions in Kabul 

Afghanistan: Evacuations begin to wrap up at Kabul airport

Large-scale evacuations from Kabul airport are entering a final stage as a growing number of countries end their operations.

By Nathan Morley

As US government spokesman said that more than 100,000 people had been flown out in the last two weeks since the Taliban took control of Kabul.

President Biden says the airlifts will continue until the end of the month.

Meanwhile, France, Germany, Canada and Australia have announced that their emergency evacuations have ended. The United Kingdom has stopped processing applications and its last flights are underway.

British officials said their timetable hadn’t been affected by the bomb attacks at the airport on Thursday, but did confirm a continuing threat to the airstrip from the so-called Islamic state group, which was behind them.

President Biden paid tribute to the thirteen American soldiers that died in the attack.

In a separate development, the World Health Organisation has warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Its Regional Emergency Director, Rick Brennan, said the organisation had only a few days of medical supplies left and had been forced to seek an alternative route into the country.

Elsewhere, Turkey’s President Tayipp Erdogan says his government is in direct talks with the Taliban about helping the militant group operate Kabul airport after the departure of international forces.


27 August 2021, 20:02