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Seurity at the US embassy in Port-au-Prince Seurity at the US embassy in Port-au-Prince  (AFP or licensors)

US sends FBI agents to investigate Haiti assassination

A team of FBI Agents and officials from the US Department of Homeland Security, but no troops, will be visiting Haiti, which is in crisis and turmoil, following the assassination of its President and wounding of its First Lady. Pope Francis on Sunday said he is praying for the country to resume a journey of peace and harmony.

By James Blears

Two of the alleged seventeen assassins detained are US Haitians, and the holders of US Passports. It`s yet to be discovered who`s the mastermind behind the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, and the injuring of his wife Martine, who survived and is undergoing treatment in Miami for multiple gunshot wounds. 


A group of Haitian Political Parties has signed a document appointing Head of the Senate Joseph Lambert the Interim President and Ariel Henry, who Moise nominated as Prime Minister, less than twenty four hours before he was murdered. But supposedly outgoing Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who declared a fifteen days State of Siege claims to be in charge.  Claude Joseph says President Moise was tortured by the ex Colombian soldiers, who gauged out one of his eyes, before they shot him twelve times. 

It`s hoped that elections could be held in September, but with the prevailing instability, this seems unlikely, as voters are wary of violence on the streets and what could occur at polling booths. 

The unanswered question is just who set in motion this plot, which took at least three months to formulate, trying to wrest control of the Western Hemisphere`s poorest and most troubled nation. A ruthless attempted coup aimed directly against its fragile democracy. 

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12 July 2021, 16:07