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Riot police stand guard in Managua Riot police stand guard in Managua  (AFP or licensors)

Opposition leaders face crackdown in Nicaragua

Another fresh wave of detentions in an ongoing and continuing crackdown in Nicaragua. James Blears reports more potential presidential candidates and civic leaders and now under lock and key.

By James Blears

Five more opposition leaders have been arrested by Police in Nicaragua including three farm worker leaders. They`re accused of kidnapping, murder of Police Officers, armed robbery and extortion. Two student leaders have been hauled in. This latest batch join more than twenty potential presidential candidates detained. Police claim that all the alleged crimes, date back to the 2018 anti government protests.  All of this has been done in less than a month. 


President Daniel Ortega, who`s a former Sandinista leader insists they`re all criminals plotting against him and what he`s doing is strictly in accordance with established law and order. Most of those detained are facing blanket treason charges. 

Ortega who`s now seventy five years old, has dominated Nicaraguan politics for decades.  He ruled from 1979 to 1990, and from 2007 until the present day. 

The United States, European Union and the Organization of American States are condemning his actions. Furthermore, Mexico and Argentina have withdrawn their Ambassadors. More action is likely to follow.

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07 July 2021, 11:43