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Assassination of President Jovenel Moise and aftermath Assassination of President Jovenel Moise and aftermath  (AFP or licensors)

Haiti: arrests made, investigations continue into President's assassination

A Haitian Government Minister has confirmed that one of the alleged assassins of President Jovenel Moise, is a US citizen.

By James Blears

Haiti`s Minister of Elections Mathias Pierre says that James Solages, a US Citizen of Haitian descent, who`s the former Head of Security at the Canadian Embassy in Haiti and the director of a local charity, is one of six accused assassins arrested. One of the others, is also said to be a US Citizen with Haitian roots.  Prime Minister Claude Joseph says other gunmen are Colombian and Venezuelan, and are part of an assembled team of professional killers. The day before he was assassinated in his home, President Jovenel Moise. who`d ruled by decree for more than a year, nominated Ariel Henry to be Prime Minister. But Joseph is still firmly in charge, and has declared a State of Siege for two weeks. 


National Police Chief Leon Charles says other gunmen involved in the assassination are still be sought.  President Moise`s Wife Martine was shot in the hand, arms, leg and body, but survived.  She was airlifted to Hospital in Miami, in critical condition, but is now described as stable. 

Investigators want to determine what was behind this carefully planned political killing spree, and who are its masterminds. 

It`s not yet known if a government of national unity is going to be formed,  and when a long overdue Presidential Election as well as parliamentary elections will take place .  Lawlesssness, kidnappings and murder are commonplace in Haiti.  Now Moise`s murder, which has seriously further destabalized society,  shows and means that literally no one is safe.  That anyone can be reached day or night in whatever place, no matter how supposedly secure. 

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09 July 2021, 13:47