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Assassinated Haitian President's wife returns to the country

The wife of slain Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, returns to Haiti showing great bravery, fortitude and courage. Upon learning of the assassination, Pope Francis joined the Haitian bishops in an appeal for an end to the spiral of violence in the nation.

By James Blears

First lady of assassinated President Jovenel Moise, has returned to Haiti. Her return was unannounced due to the crisis, as the situation remains volatile, uncertain and unstable.

Martine Moise got off the plane with one of her arms in a sling, wearing a bullet proof vest, defiantly courageous and unbowed, while most of the eleven million Haitian population remains, behind closed doors, during the ongoing political downturn, plus uncertainty, brought about by his assassination, by a group of Colombian ex -military who are mercenaries, several of whom shot him twelve times and gauged out his left eye, after forcing their way into the Moise home in Port Au Prince. 


After killing him at point blank range, the criminals, in cowardly fashion turned their high powered semi assault rifles on her, wounding her multiple times, but she miraculously survived.  Successfully treated in a Miami Hospital, she messaged the Haitian people lamenting his brutal murder, saying he wasn`t able to utter a single word, before they pulled their triggers. She says the pain of this utter brutality will never leave her.

His funeral will take place on July 23rd in the Northern City of Cap Haitian, and Martine will characteristically attend. 

A group of international Ambasadors from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the UN, the OAS and the Brazil, have arrived in Haiti. They have yet to meet Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph. They are urging appointed Prime Minister Ariel Henry to form a government of consensus and stability.  There can be only one...not two, in charge of stricken Haiti.

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18 July 2021, 19:09