Asylum seekers wait outside the El Chaparral border crossing port hoping to cross into the United States Asylum seekers wait outside the El Chaparral border crossing port hoping to cross into the United States 

US-Mexico crisis talks focus on migration

Mexico`s Foreign Minister and The US Secretary of State, hold a virtual meeting about the growing migration crisis in Central America.

By James Blears

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin are sharing cyberspace on Friday in an attempt to tackle a worsening hemispheric problem. The aim is to work out a plan to halt the waves of Central American Caravans, mostly originating in Honduras from crossing over into neighbouring Guatemala and then on to Mexico, in the quest to reach US territory. One of the main ways in which this could be achieved is by creating home grown jobs, but it would need a major and sustained economic stimulus plus impetus from Washington.   

The previous Trump Administration threatened loss of aid and sanctions against Nations within the Americas, who failed to significantly tighten up and clamp down against the Caravans, who`s numbers increase the more ground they cover. 

Mexico, which had initially allowed them unhindered access and even provided temporary camps and shelters for them, especially in the Capital Mexico City, then changed tack, trying to hold them off at the border. Even prior to this, the Guatemalan Authorities attempted to impose their own buffers. 

Many undocumented migrants have decided to flee their homelands due to a scarcity of job opportunities, but also because of threats to their children from street gangs plus other strands of organized crime.  The young people are ordered to join these ranks or face death.  The illicit narcotics trade and more recently the Covid 19 Pandemic has greatly worsened the dire plight of these poverty stricken people, who often trust the Church, but seldom have confidence in their own Governments. 

Many would be migrants have been offered the opportunity to stay and settle in Mexico, which in turn, needs help from further North in order to maintain and extend this generous helping hand. 

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26 February 2021, 19:29