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Archive image of Cameroonians demonstrating against continuing violence Archive image of Cameroonians demonstrating against continuing violence 

Terror attack kills 14 in Cameroon

At least 14 people have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted a crowd fleeing a terror attack in Cameroon. The attack comes in the wake of a roadside bombing this week that killed five people. Pope Francis has prayed for peace in the nation and reached out to defenseless Cameroonians who continue to suffer senseless violence.

By Nathan Morley

The assailants – who arrived in the middle of the night - fired guns skywards, causing local residents to flee into the countryside.

Moments later, a young woman strapped with an explosive device entered the fleeing crowd and detonated the charge.

Men, women and at least eight children were injured and killed in the explosion.

The UN confirmed the atrocity, which happened in Mozogo, not far from the border with Nigeria.

No group immediately claimed responsibility; there are suggestions that members of Boko Haram were behind the attack.

The militant group has been trying to create an Islamic caliphate in north-eastern Nigeria for the last ten years; its members frequently target civilians and military posts in northern Cameroon.

Since then, over 35,000 people have been killed and three million displaced.

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09 January 2021, 19:51