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File photo of an Ethiopian militiaman File photo of an Ethiopian militiaman  (AFP or licensors)

Massacre by rebels leave many dead in western Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Prime Minister deploys troops to the western Benishangul-Gumuz region, in response to an alleged ethically-motivated massacre of over 100 people.

By Nathan Morley

Reports from the country say the Ethiopian army responded to the deadly outbreak of violence by killing at least 42 militants in the western region.

Locals in the village of Be-koji near Bulen said armed men began the massacre just after sunrise.

A local doctor gave medical assistance to 38 people, most suffering from gunshot injuries.

Violence soon after PM's visit

The attack on civilians came just 24-hours after a visit by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

A local farmer told the Reuters news agency that he counted 82 bodies in a field close to his farm.

The government blamed a local separatist militia and sent in the army to launch a revenge attack early on Thursday.

In all, they killed at least 42 militiamen and captured a cache of weapons.

The attacks are not related to the ongoing conflict in Tigray region in the north.

24 December 2020, 13:24