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File photo of Manuel Merino File photo of Manuel Merino  (AFP or licensors)

Peru's Interim President resigns

Peru`s Interim President Manuel Merino, resigns after less than a week in the top job.

By James Blears

Manuel Merino has quit as caretaker President. He was installed following the impeachment of President Martin Vizcarra exacatly a week ago.  This was followed by nationwide protests, so in a nationally televised broadcast Merino, who had previously been the Speaker of Congress called it a day.  Twelve of the short lived Governments Ministers including those of Justice, Transportation, Trade, Energy and Mines, have also resigned.

The protesters are condemning Congress, saying it`s  launching an internal coup. Merino was supposed to be the Interim Caretaker, until Vizcarra`s non renewal term ended in July next year.  Congress has accused Vizcarra of accepting bribes, as a State Governor, prior to him democratically winning the Presidency in 2018.  Vizcarra, who`s accused Merino of being a dictator, has categorically denied all accusations of graft. A judge has ordered Vizcarra, not to leave the country.

Peru has had five Presidents during the last five years. The Presidential Palace now lies empty. Uncertainty, rather than a President rules.

16 November 2020, 12:24