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Former President Morales returns back to Bolivia after exile in Argentina Former President Morales returns back to Bolivia after exile in Argentina 

Evo Morales returns to Bolivia

Former President of Bolivia Evo Morales who went into exile last year, has returned to Bolivia, from Argentina.

By James Blears

Evo Morales resigned as President and fled Bolivia last November, first going to Mexico and then on to Argentina, which neighbours Bolivia, following his re-election. This led on from a controversial referendum, allowing him to run for another term, which originally was banned by the country`s Constitution.  He himself said that armed men came to his home and threatened him and his family with death if they didn`t leave Bolivia immediately.

The Interim Government led by Jeanine Anez, then issued an arrest warrant accusing him of treason, sedition and statutory rape.  But a Judge has now dismissed that warrant. Morales promised to return if the leftist Mas Party led by his former protogee Luis Arce won the Presidential Election this October. Arce said that as a Bolivian Citizen, Morales was welcome to return any time. But there would be no place for him in the new Administration, publically distancing himself from Morales.

Morales says he`s now going to meet coca farmers. He was once their national union leader. He hasn`t said if or when he`ll resume politics.

It`s not clear what`s going to happen next, but it looks like Morales` immediate future in front line politics is in deep freeze. For the moment he doesn`t seem likely to face imminent arrest or detention. The coming days will be crucial to further assess and clarify his current position.

10 November 2020, 13:04