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A forensic officer investigates the assassination attempt A forensic officer investigates the assassination attempt 

Investigation launched after assassination attempt on Mexico police chief

A major investigation is underway in Mexico City after the local police chief narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in the heart of the city.

By James Blears

Mexico City police chief, Omar Garcia Harfuch, was shot in the knee, collarbone, and shoulder but has survived.

Two of his bodyguards were killed, two others wounded, and a passing woman motorist was killed.

From his hospital bed, Garcia is describing the attack as cowardly. He says those responsible are the notorious and ultra-violent Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

His armor-plated vehicle was blocked by another SUV and then gunmen from a truck opened fire.

A fifty-caliber sniper rifle, semi-automatic assault rifles, and fragmentation grenades were found at the scene.

Investigation ongoing


Twelve people have been arrested and are being questioned. Authorities confirm that the assassins were in four groups of seven gunmen.

This is the most audacious attack ever in Mexico City. It came within an ace of killing its top policeman.

Questions are already being asked about just how he was tracked, and about the detailed intelligence the killers built up to launch this carefully planned and specifically targeted attempt.

27 June 2020, 13:10