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Covid-19: testimony of those united in prayer and action

A collection of the latest news, stories, prayers, videos, audio, photos sent to us by our readers.

The Diocese of Antipolo in the Philippines' social communications ministry thanks the Frontliners in the parishes who are broadcasting the Mass online so the faithful can still participate in some way since all public celebrations of the Mass have been halted.

Diocese of Antipolo thanks the Frontliners

posted 5 May


This week we meditate on Jesus as the Good Shepherd. We join our brothers and sisters in Nigeria through the Responsorial Psalm for May 3rd, Fourth Sunday of Easter, rendered by priests of the Archdiocese of Abuja.

The Lord is My Speherd, Priests from the Archdiocese of Abuja

posted 4 May


Pray the Rosary with St Catherine's Roman Catholic Primary School in Didsbury, Manchester.

Deputy Headteacher, Jessica Quiligotti, says, "The Catholic life of our school is the core of everything we do and it's definitely been an interesting task to keep this alive as much as possible, if not even more than usual in these difficult times. Each Friday in May and October, we pray the Rosary with our school community and this is usually very well-attended.  As we can't gather together this month, our staff, children and families have been working together to create a weekly virtual Rosary service."

You are cordially invited to join your little brothers and sisters in praying this beautiful prayer to our heavenly Mother!

Pray the Rosary with the school children of St Catherine's in Manchester

posted 3 May


In 2009 the Schola Cantorum from ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) visited the Vatican to sing during several of the holy masses.

May is a month of many celebrations at the Saint-John Cathedral, where the Schola Cantorum normally sing every week. This video is especially for the people who miss going to their beloved cathedral this time of year. It is the Magnificat from H. Andriessen which they often sing in May.

Schola Cantorum sings this musical piece, Magnificat from H. Andriessen

posted 2 May


Just like many others in the U.S., the Daughters of St Paul are on lock down. That has not stopped the sisters from performing their communications ministry. First they began to call people who frequent their book centers. Now, they are launching a digital Spiritual Adoption program for Covid-19 patients and frontliners.

Sr Tracey Dugas spoke with Vatican News about how the program began and how people can join.

Listen to the interview with Sr Tracey Dugas, FSP

posted 30 April


Holly Bonner is an Adjunct Professor of Civic Engagement at Wagner College on Staten Island, one of the five boroughs making up New York City. Her husband is a New York City detective and works the night shift in the heart of Time Square.

Holly spoke with Vatican News about how her family is coping with the situation. She also explains how her work as a chaplain has played a key role in helping families mourn the death of a loved one to Covid-19.

Listen to the interview with Holly Bonner

posted 24 April


Cristina Gangemi has created a  website called SPACE. It  aims to accompany and support people with intellectual disabilities through Easter and Covid-19.

In addition to sharing morning Mass, there is music available to help people who are dying, coaching them how to breathe.

Those connected to this community found their own creative way to celebrate Easter. Let's celebrate with them!

Celebrate Easter!

posted 23 April


Along with the thousands of healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are also the unsung hospital Chaplains who are providing spiritual care to both patients and staff.

Hear how one Chaplain in Britain decided to volunteer, a bit about the training, and what he hopes to provide to both the sick and those caring for them.

Listen to our interview with Fr John Waters, Covid-19 chaplain

posted 22 April


Concerns for countries with fragile health systems and their capability of handling the Covid-19 crisis

We invite you to listen to this interview with Matthew Carter, Director of Humanitarian Response for the UK based Catholic Aid Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)

Interview with Matthew Carter, CAFOD

posted on 21 April, 2020


This is a poem/reflection about Easter in the coronavirus pandemic. Many of you may relate to it.

How the Virus Stole Easter

Produced by Santa Famiglia Media
Posted 16 April 2020

The creativity that our love for the Lord brings out. A remote choir provides the offertory hymn. Let's prolong that liturgy by listening and singing along!

St Paul Young Adult Choire

the St Paul Young Adult Choir and Ensemble
St Paul the Apostle Church, New York, NY
Mother Church of the Paulist Fathers
posted 14 April 2020


Pandemic 2020
by Francis O' Toole

There is no welcome for you
to knock on the door of our home,
yet you pervade like darkness of night
creating a shadow over our land.

You are like the unwelcome thief,
who uses the dark of night
stealing what is not theirs to take.

You are no knight
but your weapon is swift,
creating sickness and suffering,
your sword the final sting

The cries of our people can be heard across the land,
the tears of a mother’s grief can never be wiped away,
even children weep for the loss of grandparents.

In love we keep distance longing for a hug,
the streets are empty,
playgrounds are silent,
funeral homes full, but no wake allowed.

You will not destroy our love,
you will not destroy our faith,
our destiny is one  of survival,
we are all in this together.

Brothers and sisters stand apart, together,
Isolation, in community,
the battle will be fought with courage and strength,
Victory will be ours.

Used with the Author's permission.
posted 13 April 2020


In 2009 the Schola Cantorum from ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) visited the Vatican to sing during several of the holy masses. Before and after that visit the choir sang in the Saint-John Cathedral during (almost) every celebration. Since we cannot sing in our beloved cathedral during this corona-crisis, we tried to recreate one of our favourite musical pieces, Hear My Prayer O Lord from Henry Purcell, from our own homes in a video.

Hear My Prayer is only performed in the Holy Week, and it is especially suitable for these hard times. We received a lot of positive response: it gave people positive energy and hope again, and we would like to share that with The Vatican and the rest of the world.

Hear My Prayer performed by Schola Cantorum from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

posted 11 April 2020

Fr Richard Frechette, a 67-year-old American, is On the Front Lines of the coronavirus epidemic in Haiti. He is a doctor and priest is performing both of these duties with all his heart as the poor, quarantined, nation of Haiti celebrates Holy Week. Hear Fr Richard in this podcast below.

Listen to our interview with Fr Richard Frechette

posted 10 April 2020

Ave Maria virtual Alpine choir
Dedicated to the victims, the sick, the medical personnel, security forces, and others volunteers who are helping during the covid-19 crisis.

Ave Maria sung by a virtual choir

In this moment of suffering or Italy and the world
We are alone and far away but more united than before
On the alert against an invisible enemy
Deprived of our precious freedom
But the highest good is LIFE
Our own and that of the weakest
We cannot be saved on our own
We lift up to you, O Mary, our hymn
As did our soldiers in the trenches
Praying for their companions
For their loved ones and for those who cared for them.
Mary, to you we entrust those who
Find themselves on the front lines
Those who have left us
Without having been able to grasp the hand of a dear one
Those who are suffering, are fighting, and are hoping
Grant TENACITY to those who every day are striving to save lives
Grant WISDOM to those who need to make decisions
Grant STRENGTH to those who can help
Grant COURAGE to those who can bring comfort
Posted 9 April 2020


A Letter to Pope Francis

Your Holiness Dear Pope Francis,  سلام المسيح

We have been extremely touched by the prayer held at St Peter Square Friday, we have felt through your eyes the weight of the emptiness of this colonnade square that used to be full of sheers of thousands of believers; the silence of the square was too heavy to carry even for us. Even the dark skies reflected sadness, fear and death all over the globe.

We want to thank you for carrying all this load upon your shoulders and facing it alone Friday at night, a scene that reminded us of Jesus in the olive trees garden prior to the crucifixion standing facing his fears and St Peter facing death with courage. You are a true Hero.

This is to tell you:

You are not alone, we were not thousands with you sheering and praying in the square, but we were millions & even billions gathered all around the world watching and praying with you and for you. Friday, St Peter’s Square was not empty but fully packed gathering us from homes all over the world maybe for the first time in a while.

You are not alone; We are praying for you and with you every day,

You are not alone; Every one of us is trying to help around as much as he can,

You are not alone; We are all behind and next to you overcoming our fears,

You are not alone; We are all unified in Jesus Name and under the holiness of our Mother Mary.

You are not alone, “and the Third day He rose again”.

May God protect you and give you strength always, we rely on you.

But most of all WE LOVE YOU POPE FRANCIS !! God bless you! 

Remy & Jina Sfeir
Used with their permission
posted 7 April 2020

A Parent's Prayer and Blessing by Martin Ward
(Inspired by William de la Pole's last letter to his son John,
prior to his wrongful execution in 1450AD)

My child, I ask Almighty God
to bless you and to keep you
ever in His Love.

I pray that you will always follow
God's Holy Laws and Commandments
and which, by His Great Mercy
you will pass the trials
and troubles of this world.
Put God above the love
and fear of earthly things.
But if ever you should fail or fall,
ask for God's Compassion
and He will call you home.

If anyone should steer you away from God,
avoid their company, because they are wrong.
Do not take advice from proud people,
avaricious people, and especially
those who seek to flatter you.
Keep friends who are good and true,
as they will never deceive you
or cause you to regret or repent.

Never follow your own advice alone,
but in all things you do, seek the opinion
of the good friends that I mention,
and by doing so, with the Love of God,
you will do well; living with peace
and contentment in body and soul.

And I will be to you as good parent
as my heart can feel and my mind can think.
Always remember the message of our Saviour:
To Call Upon Him and to Remember
That Love Is Everything.

Most of all, I give you the Blessing of God,
and of me, which I pray most humbly,
that in the Almighty's Infinite Grace
will help you grow spiritually and wisely.
And may you also bless your children,
so that we, when departed from this world,
may glorify God amongst the Angels of Heaven.

– Used with permission from the author
posted 6 April 2020

06 April 2020, 10:57