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Yemeni soldier in Aden Yemeni soldier in Aden  (AFP or licensors)

Saudi jet shot down in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has confirmed that it has lost one of its fighter jets in Yemen hours after Houti rebels claimed they shot it down.

By Nathan Morley

According to Saudi media, the Tornado jet crashed in Al-Jawf district during an operation to assist Yemeni government forces. The fate of the crew and the reasons for the crash remain unclear.

The Huthis' own TV network claimed the jet was downed by the rebels using an advanced surface-to-air missile system. The rebels say they will soon broadcast footage of the plane being hit and show its wreckage.

Meanwhile, the insurgents reported eight coalition air strikes on Saturday in the Huthi-controlled area where the plane went down. Reports suggest as many as 30 people were killed or injured, but reports could not be verified.

Saudi Arabia has been spearheading a controversial bombing campaign against rebel-held areas of Yemen for the past five years.

Separately, according to the UN data agency IOM, the Horn of Africa to Yemen is world’s busiest sea route for migrants. The UN says the dangers for those who embark on the journey have been well documented.

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15 February 2020, 17:26