Pope Francis and the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity Pope Francis and the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity  

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity welcomes a Rabbi member

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity has raised the number of members to eight, with the recent addition to the board of Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig.

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity has announced the inclusion of Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig, Senior Rabbi at Washington Hebrew Congregation, to the membership of the Committee, bringing the total membership to eight members concerned with the achievement of the objectives set forth in the Human Fraternity Document. Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig expressed his deep gratitude to His Holiness Pope Francis the Pope of the Catholic Church and Dr. Ahmed At-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar for their support and encouragement of the work of the Committee, and their sincere efforts to achieve the sacred mission of the Document of Human Fraternity. He thanked the Committee for his nomination as a representative of the Jewish faith, expressing his acceptance of the role and his pleasure in witnessing the signing of the historic declaration.

"It was my hope that such an event would be a watershed moment to bring new opportunities for building bridges between religious leaders and communities as well as to foster Peace and Harmony in our fractured world" Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig said. "I am honoured to join such esteemed individuals working to champion love over hate, justice over injustice, and faith over fear…”, adding that “Empowered by the knowledge as children of Abraham that all are created in the Divine image, we must seek justice and peace for all of God’s Children. May God give each of us the strength and the courage to bring harmony, hope, justice, and love into our fractured world as envisioned in the Human Fraternity Declaration and as demanded by our common faith in God.”

His Eminence Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, Chairman of the Higher Committee, welcomed Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig as a new member, saying "The Committee welcomes all competencies and religious and cultural personalities and all who contribute to the achievement of the honourable goals for which the Document of Human Fraternity was established,” adding that in the coming period, the Committee seeks to meet with a number of important leaders and icons to coordinate on the initiatives and projects being implemented by the Committee.

Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig is a Senior Rabbi at Washington Hebrew Congregation, where he has served for more than 25 years, leading over 2,800 family gatherings, as well as holding various leadership roles in local and international Jewish communities. Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig is a committed social activist and organized the first Abrahamic summit bringing together Christian, Jews and Muslims in the United States following the 9/11 attacks. The summit led to the creation of the first Abrahamic Round Table with Bishop John Chane, Professor Akbar Ahmed, and Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig becoming a trio that spoke for peace and interfaith dialogue around the United States. Newsweek recognized him as "one of America's most influential Rabbis” and he has received a medal of honour from King Mohammed VI for his leadership on inter-religious cooperation.

The High Committee was formed in order to achieve the objectives of the “Document of Human Fraternity", and the development of an operational framework for the goals and objectives set forth in it. The Committee also handles the execution of plans, programs and initiatives to carry out the provisions of the Document, which calls for world peace and coexistence and to ensure a bright and tolerant future for the coming generations.

The tasks of the Higher Committee include overseeing the implementation of the Document at the regional and international levels, and holding international meetings with religious figures, various leaders, heads of international organizations, and other relevant parties. In addition to this, the Committee has a pivotal role in overseeing the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, one of its initial initiatives, embodying the relationship between the three Abrahamic faiths and providing a platform for dialogue, understanding, and coexistence between their religions.

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18 September 2019, 15:54