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Escavated land at the scene where 44 dead bodies were found Escavated land at the scene where 44 dead bodies were found  (ANSA)

44 dead bodies found in Mexico well

Authorities confirm that 44 bodies have been found in a well near Mexico's second City of Guadalajara.

By James Blears

The forty four bodies have been discovered in one hundred and nineteen black plastic bin bags in a well, on the outskirts of Guadajalara. This happened after local people had constantly complained of an increasingly  foul stench. Forensic Experts have been working, trying to identify the bodies via DNA and dental records. But their work has been made all the harder, because the corpses have been dismembered. Many still remain unidentified and the search continues. Often relatives of the missing throughout Mexico are too terrified to come forward, for fear of sharing the same fate. Local Officials are appealing for more experts to come forward and help in this grisly task, because they`re becoming overwhelmed.

The Region is dominated by the powerful and ultra violent Jalisco new generation drug cartel, which defends its so called territory against rival organized crime with ferocity, and also against anyone who opposes it. More than 40,000 people remain permanently missing in Mexico`s Drug War, which has claimed more than quarter of a million lives.  The Mexican Government has already established a data base, trying to provide closure to grieving families, as increasing numbers of people just vanish off the face of the earth... forever.  


15 September 2019, 13:36