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Archive photo of an attack in Mali, March 2019 Archive photo of an attack in Mali, March 2019 

Brutal Mali attack claims 100

Reports from mail suggest around 100 people have been killed in an attack in the central region. It is said to have taken place in a village of the Dogon ethnic group.

By Nathan Morley

According to reports, around 100 people were killed in the nightime attack at Sobane-Kou, a village in central Mali.

RFI, the French international broadcaster, cited a local official as saying the bodies of the dead had been burned, some beyond identification.  Whilst, ‘France 24’ reported the defence ministry in Mali confirmed the death toll at 95, adding that 19 people were still missing.

A search for more bodies is ongoing, and local media say Sobane-Kou has been completely destroyed.

The village is inhabited by the Dogon ethnic group. Over the last few months there have been many attacks across the country – some blamed on ethic tensions, others conducted by jihadist groups, who usually target security forces.

Dogon hunters and semi-nomadic Fulani herders clash frequently.

Two month ago, over 100 Fulani villagers were murdered by armed men donned in Dogon hunters' clothing. Outbreaks of violence have intensified since a militant Islamist uprising gripped northern Mali back in 2012.

Both sides point the finger at each other for conducting attacks.

In the past, disagreements between the Fulani and Dogon were usually settled through dialogue, but the 2012 uprising - which has engulfed much of the country – has eroded government control.

10 June 2019, 15:46