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Venezuelans are gathering in several cities to wait for the return of Guaido Venezuelans are gathering in several cities to wait for the return of Guaido  (ANSA)

Venezuela's opposition leader calls for mass protests

Venezuela`s opposition leader Juan Guadio, is calling for mass protests throughout the country starting at 11pm local time on Monday. This comes as the Government faces yet another challenge.

By James Blears

In spite of a travel ban slapped by Venezuela`s Supreme Court upon Oppostion leader Juan Guaido, since January, when he declared himself Interim President, he`s defied and ignored it, slipping over the Border into Colombia on February 24th.

He`s since had meetings with US Vice President Mike Pence, Brazil`s President Jair Bolsonaro, plus Equador`s President Lenin Moreno. More than fifty countries including, the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany and Spain, now officially recognize Guaido as interim President. While Russia, China, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia support Nicolas Maduro, who was re-elected in a hotly disputed Election, that the Opposition declared fraudulent and biased, so they refused to participate.

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The pressing question now is where Guaido is going to attempt to re-enter Venezuela, and whether he`ll be detained, for disobeying the Supreme Court`s ruling. The Venezuelan Military which is still loyal and following orders from President Maduro, is NOT allowing in desperately needed US and international aid. Maduro says this is a camouflaged lure and a prelude to invasion, warning the Military to remain on maximum alert.

Arrest and detention of Guaido would prove a major escalation and friction of a situation already reaching crisis levels. Today`s expected mass demonstrations will further ratchet up that pressure.

04 March 2019, 15:45