Rally in Caracas, upon Juan Guaido's return Rally in Caracas, upon Juan Guaido's return 

Venezuela: Opposition leader returns after breaking travel ban

Opposition leader Juan Guaido has arrived back in Venezela, without any major action taken against him, for defying a Supreme Court ruling not to travel outside the country.

By James Blears

President Nicolas Maduro had gone on the record as saying that Juan Guaido would have to face justice, on his return to Venezuela. Guaido had been banned from travelling abroad by the Supreme Court, which is investigating him for allegedly exceeding his powers and responsibilities.

The eyes of the World were focused on the return of the prodigal, but nothing happened as Juan Guaido and his Wife arrived at Maiquetia Airport in Caracas, greeted by the Netherlands and German Ambassadors, as well as US Diplomats plus throngs of well wishers.

They were not stopped or hindered by immigration officials or police. Guaido said while on his travels, he`d received death threats and dire warnings of jail time, but stressed that the powerbase of this Administration is crumbling. And he`s again calling on President Maduro to resign.

During his time away which started on February 22nd, Guaido initiated his tour in neighboring Colombia and then on to Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraquay. Now he`s returned, and at a huge rally, he called for nationwide protests on Saturday.

Guaido who`s declared himself Interim President, still hasn`t crucially secured the backing of the Military, which still continues to support beleaguered President Nicolas Maduro. A nation divided against itself.

05 March 2019, 16:57