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A woman hold Venezuelan flag as she participates in "Venezuela Aid Live" concert A woman hold Venezuelan flag as she participates in "Venezuela Aid Live" concert  (AFP or licensors)

Concert on Colombian border to raise money for Venezuela aid

A trio of Latino Presidents and a self declared one, have attended a rock concert on the Colombian side of the Border to raise money for aid Venezuela. The event of note, will be followed by an attempt to cross over with food and medicines in the face of Venezuelan troops who have strict orders from the Administration of President Nicolas Maduro... to block it.

By James Blears

Presidents Ivan Duque, Sebastian Pineda, Mario Abdo and self declared Interim President Juan Guaido of Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela attended the Concert on the outskirts of Cucuta City in Colombia.

Billionaire organizer Sir Richard Branson, who hopes to raise millions from it, described this as a magical day saying, we want to build bridges of hope for the Venezuelan people. The nearby Tienditas Bridge is guarded by crack Venezuelan troops who have orders to halt people crossing with food and medicines. 

About four hundred meters away in Urena on the Venezuelan side, preparations are afoot, to stage a belated three day rival concert, called Hands off Venezuela. Now the music has ceased, the real and bold challenge this Saturday morning, will be if troops indeed step in to block the aid process....or let it pass. Make or break time!

Near to the Venezuelan Border with Brazil, a man and wife trying to prevent the blockade there, have been shot dead by troops. Confusion deteriorating into deadly violence.

23 February 2019, 16:51