Border between the US and Mexico Border between the US and Mexico 

Mexico pledges humane migration policies

Mexico`s President, Foreign Secretary and Minister of Interior are promising to deal fairly and humanely, with what`s being described as an horrific crisis and ordeal for migrants traversing their territory.

By James Blears

Standing beside new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, his Foreign Minister Marelo Ebrard confirmed more information is being sought from Washington about the new US immigration policy. Mexico has agreed to be a temporary refuge for migrants whose cases are being considered by US Officials, but  NOT an indefinite  third party holding area. He did however confirm Mexico will change and amend its migration policies to help in a humanitarian way.

Ebrard said that he's determined to change forever what he describes as: "The horror, abuses and violation of migrants,"  Mexico`s Minister of the Interior Olga Sanchez also says migration will be processed in an orderly way.

The Caravans crisis involves thousands of Central American people, in wave after wave of processions, trying to escape dire poverty and rampant organized crime, by heading in desperate hope to the United States. This starkly highlights the CURRENT  urgency of transforming  and enabling legislation.

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25 December 2018, 16:25