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Riot police in Managua Riot police in Managua  (AFP or licensors)

Brazil's new President gives Nicaragua the cold shoulder

No Nicaraguan Representative is invited to the January 1st Inauguration of Brazil`s inkling President Jair Bolsonaro. James Blears reports why the Government of President Daniel Ortega is being shunned and snubbed.


By James Blears

Incoming Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo has announced quote: "Because of the violations of the Ortega regime against the freedom of its people, no representative of that regime will be received on January 1st. Right wing President elect Jair Bolsonaro has already stressed that Cuba and Venezuela aren`t welcome either.

Trouble flared in Nicaragua back in April when the Government slashed pensions. Massive demonstrations followed and were met with a harsh response from Authorities. Although President Daniel Ortega quickly rescinded the strictures, the protests deepened and widened demanding his resignation. More than three hundred people have died in the troubles with hundreds more injured and arrested.

With this invitations hard line, the new Brazilian Government is making its position and stance against Latin America`s left wing block, absolutely concrete.

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24 December 2018, 17:05