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Migrants try to cross border with US Migrants try to cross border with US  (ANSA)

Mexico to deport migrants crossing US border

Mexican Authorities confirm they`ll deport 500 Central American Caravan people in Tijuana who breached the US Border fence, but were repelled by tear gas at a wall. After travelling so far tensions are high, logic is scant and restraint is fraying.

By James Blears

US Border Patrol Agents threw tear gas canisters after migrants avoided the Bridge crossing on the Mexican side, waded the Tijuana river, stormed up a bank and forced holes in the wire. The wafting gas affected many, especially children. US Authorities suspended the San Ysidro pedestrian and car crossing for a while, until calm was restored. In contrast, five hundred of the migrants applied legally. But there are more than ten times that amount on the Mexican side with US Authorities only processing one hundred asylum applications per day. helicopters buzzed overhead and heavily armed men in military fatigues carrying combat rifles could be clearly seen on the US side of the Border.

US President Donald Trump says it would have been better if Mexican Authorities hadn`t permitted the migrants to get this far. But Mexican laws allow asylum seekers temporary permits and rights of passage through their country, unless they break the law. The current situation is being contained, but it`s volatile and far from over.

26 November 2018, 16:46