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Preparations for Presidential elections in Mexico Preparations for Presidential elections in Mexico  (AFP or licensors)

Mexico braces for Presidential elections

Mexico is bracing itself for Sunday`s Presidential Election, with the leftist candidate well ahead in the opinion polls. The ballot comes at the dawn of a new political era in Mexican politics.

By James Blears

It`s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador`s third attempt to become President, and this time, all the indications are that it`ll happen.

The opinion polls give him a comfortable double digit lead. If he wins, he`ll be the first left wing President in Mexico`s history.

A daunting set of challenges face the new President. Last year 25,000 people were murdered in Mexico, mostly by drug cartels. Mexico`s ongoing Drug War is in its twelfth year, and the economy is mostly stagnant.

Lopez Obrador has vowed to tackle widespread corruption and better streamline administer top heavy bureaucracy. A puritan by nature, he`s declared if he wins, he won`t live in the President Palace, but turn it into a National Park.

Peppery by nature, many wonder about the future of bi-lateral relations with Washington, and if the North American Free Trade Agreement will be finally re-negotiated. Lopez Obrador suffered a major heart attack four years ago, so health could be an issue if he wins and embarks on the six year Presidential term.

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30 June 2018, 16:51