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Family and friends weep at funeral for Guatemala volcano victim Family and friends weep at funeral for Guatemala volcano victim  (ANSA)

Guatemalan opposition call for sackings

Opposition politicians are demanding that the leadership of Guatemala's Emergency response Agency, known as CONRED, resign for its inadequate response to Sunday's massive volcanic eruption which killed 99 people, with 200 still missing.

By James Blears

Opposition politicians are incensed at what they insist was a slow and sluggish response from Emergency Agency Conred, claiming that the organization advised remaining calm because this happened from time to time and delayed  warnings to evacuate. When it happened, 12,000 were evacuated from the danger zone. 

But, before any investigation for alleged negligence can be launched, the ongoing rescue operation continues to take top priority. 

Some firefighters have had to tie planks of wood to their feet, as the heat from the volcano's molten ash, has burned off the soles of their boots. Only some of the roofs of houses in the Hamlet of San Miguel Los Lotes can be seen. The rest is buried. 

Further eruptions and rain have been hampering factors, with the danger of mudslides.  


07 June 2018, 17:52